Importance and Effectiveness of Digital Marketing

Importance and Effectiveness of Digital Marketing

Our world is technologically evolving every second and we have a lot of things that increase our comforts. The Internet has become a part of everyday necessity. With a single click on your smartphone, you get groceries to emergency medicines etc delivered to your door.

Understanding the purchase behaviour of the customers, the companies are concentrating on making their products available online through e-commerce websites. But simply putting in products out for sale does not work. You need to market them to potential customers. So digital marketing is essential for a successful online business. As per statistics, 89% of the customers choose online purchasing over physical buying. Understanding the vast possibility of the online domain, many companies are investing in e-commerce websites.

The importance of Digital marketing

Our young tech-savvy generation is always exploring the possibilities of marketing their product to a larger audience through digital marketing. E-commerce websites enable fast shopping by just sitting on your couch from various options. It’s a magical blessing for both customers and an effective tool for marketers to market their products to the larger target audience. These are some ways of how digital marketing is an effective tool for marketers:


Digital marketing is a very cheap and affordable compared to print marketing through advertisements in newspapers and digital marketing through televisions. The marketing campaigns and product information you market on online media is cheaper than the normal mode of marketing that involves heavy investments.

Effective Targeting Of Audience

Everyone is glued to online media these days. So the possibility of your product reaching the potential audience is more through online media than print marketing.

The Traceable Results

Technology has made it very easily for the marketer to see the outcome of their marketing strategies. They can collect data very easy to analyze them to make better and product marketing decisions.

Advantages of digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the most preferred tool by marketers these days. Some of the advantages are:

Comparative Analysis

When you plan to b a product is always like humans to compare products of different companies before buying one that you feel is the best. But physically doing the comparisons is a tedious and also hectic job.  But on online media, you can easily compare the products with a large variety of options and get full product specifications and reviews from previous customers.

Wide Audience

Print media cannot reach out to the larger target audience. Online media gives you larger coverage of target audience and increase the possibility of your product sale.


Digital marketing has more attractive power than other modes of marketing. You get curious about any advertisement that pops up on your screen while surfing. This automatically takes you to the concerned website and you browse through the products & services. There is a possibility that you may get interested and bye the product. Digital marketing has made it easier to market your product to a larger audience by generating interest, by understanding customer purchase behaviour, their interests, and requirements. It’s an effective method to launch and sell products and services that are in high demand.

In the world of bussiness where everything is turning digital, digital marketing is a great tool to take your business to the next level. Digidex is the best digital marketing agency in India. You can approach Codea for all kinds of digital marketing services.

Why is SEO important for business?

Why is SEO important for business?

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is predefined rules that can be used by websites/blogs to optimize their content & HTML codes to make their website available for search engine and improve ranking. It’s an effective way to make your website user-friendly, fast and easy to navigate. SEO is essential for small, medium, and big businesses to bring in more leads and customers. SEO assures better ROI than traditional marketing strategies.

SEO ensures the following:

Better Visibility & Branding

Do you want to appear on top of the search list when people search for products & services related to your business? So once you appear at the top, the customers to visit your website & browse through the product & services. Now it’s not just about getting a visitor on your website. The customer does not stop with the one-time search. They search multiple times, compare and analyze the same product and services. And SEO makes sure you appear in all these searches & gain more credibility and mindshare with the customers. The trust you can make through being constantly pop up in all searches will gain you more customers.

Increase Credibility

Every time your website shows up on top of Google search, unknowingly you regaining a vote of confidence in the potential buyer’s mind. It’s simple human psychology. If Google says you are relevant, then you are trustworthy. So naturally, customers opt to buy your products and services. After all, business is all about trust!!

Increase Business traffic

Increasing traffic on your website does not assure you a hike in your sales and profit. Imagine the situation of a shop situated on a deserted corner of the town a shop located in the crowded street. Which shop do you think will get more customers? The one in the crowded street. Likewise, the idea of increasing more website traffic through SEO is to bring in your products and services to a larger audience and increase the possibility of more conversions and revenue. So SEO also ensures that you get more potential customers than just visitors.

Better ROIs in advertising

SEO marketing gives you better ROI compared to other traditional marketing methods. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy where you market your product and services when people require it. This type of marketing does not interrupt the customers in between their favourite TV shows or activity. You do not have to convince them that they require the product rather you need to appear credible. SEO is half the battle won when it comes to ROI.

Gives you unmatched insight into your customer
SEO generates qualified traffic. Google Analytics tracks this traffic. They collect data and analyze the behaviour of your customers like how they search, how they browse, which language they use, which technology, the location they live in, the days they are active, and time. All this information will help you device marketing strategies that bring in more conversions and revenue.

Hiring the best SEO services in India like Digidex would be a great help to boost your business in the ranking charts and expose your business to a larger audience.

What factors do you need to consider before hiring an SEO Agency?

What factors do you need to consider before hiring an SEO Agency?

Are you planning to hire an SEO Agency to bring your website on the first page of google search? Before you hire an SEO Agency to do a detailed background check on the Agency to decide if they are the right choice for the crowd. Let’s look into the factors that you need to consider before you hire an agency.

Do a detailed case study

The first step is to research why your website is having low ranks on search results. Ask the agency to perform a full SEO audit of your website and find the reason that is not allowing your website to top the ranking charts. This gives a clear understanding of your website ranking and tracks your progress.

Ask For A Work Plan

Once the company gives you a detailed case study, ask them to come up with a work plan that includes a suitable strategy and briefs you every step needed to be taken. The work plan will help you access their calibre to bring your website up to the ranking page. They will be transparent throughout the steps they take to boost your website ranking. Make sure the company is clear with the transparency policy, because if they have taken steps hidden from you, it may affect your website.

Are They Following Search Engine Guidelines?

There are some SEO services which crater sloppy works. But Search Engine keeps on evolving and has learned to block sloppy SEO websites. So it is mandatory to follow the latest search engine guidelines for webmasters to keep your website blocked due to spamming and you end up paying penalty to the search engine which is a major loss for you.

Website changes

For an SEO strategy to work properly, the website needs to undergo a lot of changes in its design, content, navigation etc. Before you hand over your website to an SEO company make sure that they have the experts who can make the correct changes. Else it would be the biggest blunder you and suffer huge losses.

Are they capable to make on-page changes?

The most important factor in SEO strategy is content. Consult with the SEO about the content changes that need to be made. Ask them if they are going to use existing content or provide you with old content. If they are going to include new content, then make sure they have the resources to provide quality content.

Hire an agency with local SEO experience

Google always shows local stores and business when people search for a related keyword. So it’s important to hire an SEO agency that is well experienced with local SEO services to ensure that your website shows up in local searches when potential audience search for products and services related to your website. Building organic traffic for a website is time consuming and uncertain process. So it’s important to hire a well-experienced SEO agency like Digidex to do the work for you.

What is the success parameter?

Though your website may have a good ranking, you don’t need to get high traffic. Using google analytics and Bing analytics help you keep track of the traffic and ranking of your website for different search engines. so use the right parameter to get a good ranking along with good traffic for your website and also get potential customers.

Price is a very important factor. Always remember you would never want to spend more money on SEO than your earning. So always go for multiple quotes from different SEO agencies before you choose from one

Make sure you have the sole ownership of the contents and links generated for your website by the SEO agency. Make sure to draft a detailed agreement that lists out all the conditions of both the parties to avoid future problems.

SEO is not magic that can simply boost your ranking and traffic just with wand work. Runaway from agencies that promise No 1 ranking within a short time. SEO is a long process and it’s time-consuming. So make sure to hire a realistic and best SEO company service in the India like Digidex.

What are content marketing and social media marketing and their difference?

What are content marketing and social media marketing and their difference?

Content Marketing

Content is a very important part of a website or a brand. Content is generated keeping in mind to attract audiences, engage them and convert them into customers. The content must be convincing enough to pull the audience interest and focus on the conversion to make the profit.

Content involves:

  • Newsletters & News Feeds
  • White Paper & reports
  • E-book
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Tutorials
  • Photographs
  • Blogs

Content marketing focuses on generating traffic on demand. Once people gain trust through social media marketing, they visit the site which must be rich in authentic content that can engage the audience and convert them. Content marketing provides an option for the brand to publish long text, videos etc about the brand that give the audience a deep understanding of the brand and services. Its shown that content marketing has more conversion rate than social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is used to promote a brand in the audience. It uses content to generate awareness on the brand and channel customers to the brand website to generate leads and help in getting conversions. Social media marketing focuses on building trust among the audience on the brand as social media platforms offer a space to directly communicate with customers, understand their interest, grievances and search behaviour etc.

Social media marketing focuses on generating content for the platform and publish it on the same. Twitter use the content of 140 character length, Instagram uses images and tiny videos and Facebook uses images and videos with the small text description. Social media marketing is used at the initial stage of brand marketing mainly to generate brand awareness and trust.

Social media marketing has taken a step back compared to content marketing which is the new way to attract more audience.

To implement highly efficient marketing strategies like content marketing and social media marketing, you require the help of a pioneer digital marketing agency in India like Digidex.

Is Email Marketing A Mandatory Requirement?

Is Email Marketing A Mandatory Requirement?

Email marketing is a very essential tool for business marketing strategy with the growth of internet usage. An email has become part of our life as a letter used to be. But some campaigns that come up through emails are completely rubbish which most of us ignore. So let us look into the real email marketing process.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing can be defined as a direct marketing tool that uses electronic mail to communicate marketing campaigns to the audience. Email marketing is used for:

  • To build or improve the relationship of merchants with the customers who are already existing or previous ones to build trust and loyalty.
  • Emails are sent to find a new customer base and also info current customers about new products and persuading them to buy some new products.
  • To add advertisements to emails sent by companies sent to their customers.

The advantages of email marketing:

  • The return on investment from email marketing is high and can be easily tracked when executed properly. Email marketing is the second best marketing strategy after search marketing.
  • Advertisers can ensure that they can reach out to subscribers who have registered to your product or services in their interest list.
  • Almost everyone checks their mail and send or receive mail daily.
  • Email marketing helps in reaching out to the potential audience with relevant, personalized and eye-catching messages
  • Email helps the business to respond immediately to customer events like purchase etc.

The disadvantages of email marketing are the rejection/spam rate of emails that negatively affects the whole campaign. This can be avoided by using an opt-in idea which ensures you seek the permission of the customer to display mail before the entirely reject or spam your mail.

So Why and How is email marketing done?


  • Cost-effective- Email marketing is very cheap compared to other modes of marketing.
  • Success – Email marketing can be used to target the right pool of potential audience and the ROI is very high compared to other modes of marketing.
  • Measurability and Flexibility – Email marketing is easy to track. This helps in understanding what part of your campaign is working and what is not. By understanding that we can easily make the required modifications.

How is email marketing done?

  • Creative – Design of the email is very important. As the customer, if they need a text or HTML format of the email.
  • Relevance – Targeting the right customer pool is important. Make sure to send personalised mail campaigns so that the response rate is high.
  • Incentive –always include something advantageous for the recipient like a free lunch if they attend the event. This attracts some customers. 
  • Timing –Sent mal that pop-ups during the working days of the recipient. They are more likely a chance that they may read your campaign and even get converted. 
  • Integration – Email marketing should hold the whole concept of your marketing like the ones you use for other modes of marketing. Eben its working should be integrated with the other modes of marketing.
  • Copy – Copywriting for your mail should be done by considering language, subject line and even email signature. Do not cluster the links to the closing line. Make sure they pop up in between to capture customer interest.
  • Attributes – Check every detail you add to the email like header, footer, subject line body etc to make sure they are error-free and carry the marketing information you want to deliver to the customers.
  • Landing Page – If you want your emails to result as conversions make sure you show the right path the customers must take. Do not simply link them to your home page.

Email marketing is a mandatory marketing tool. So are you planning to implement this strategy for your company? You have come to the right place? Digidex, the best digital marketing agency in India is the right digital partner.